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Weekly Spending Aug 29-Sept 4

Aug 29th NO SPEND DAY!!

Aug 30th +$4484.92 Company Income  -$2.12 Gift   -$17.05 Garbage Can

Aug 31st -$29.39 Groceries

Sept 1st NO SPEND DAY!!

Sept 2nd +$550.00 Rental

Sept 3rd +$13.25 Sold Stuff, +22.50 Money for Gas, +$11.00 Haircuts, -$5.45 Groceries

Sept 4th -$710.95 Church


I bought a box of ABC cards for Baby #1 but found that they were just like cards we already had, so I am going to give them to my nephew for his birthday.

Last year our garbage can lid broke, so my mom bought me a new kitchen garbage for Christmas.  However I have never liked how the lid went in the garbage.  I have been leaving the lid off but Rob told me I couldn’t do that anymore.  I couldn’t just buy a lid so I bought a whole new garbage for our kitchen.  I love it because you push the button and the lid pops up.

Nobody answered my question last week — Should I put 10% or 80% of our extra income in savings?


Weekly Spending – Aug 22-28

I realized that I transferred $14.46 from our Other category to our Company category so I took that off of last weeks Spending post.  It was driving me crazy not to know what that money went to, we don’t use cash so I kept checking for it to come through our accounts online.  I was looking at our budget and saw $14.46 added to our Company category — oh!  I’ll have to remeber to write a T next to transfers so I don’t count them against me.

Aug 22nd -$17.12 Groceries

Aug 23rd -$10.89 Fast Food, -$8.62 Company Tool

Aug 24th -$125.41 Cell Phones, -$56.67 Groceries

Aug 25th NO SPEND DAY !!!

Aug 26th  +$15 Haircuts, +$34.75 Sold Stuff,  -$1000.00 Mortgage, -$17.85 Company Tool 

Aug 27th +$12 Haircut, +$20 Sold Stuff,  -$3.61 Ice Cream

Aug 28th NO SPEND DAY !!!

Total: $81.75 Income – $1240.17 Expenses = -$1158.42

Wow! I spent $88 on food this week 😦  I had a very busy Tuesday and didn’t feel like cooking so I asked Rob to take B1G1 coupons to Arctic Circle and get us dinner.  I told him that I thought it would be around $10 for the list I made, but if it was under he could get another hamburger.  It came to $10.89 so he ate half of Baby #1’s hamburger. 

How did you do this week?

Weekly Spending – Aug 15-21

Aug 15th +$1212.84 Company Income NO SPEND DAY!!

Aug 16th -$11.50 Groceries, -$28.97 Gasoline, -$42.64 Company Expense

Aug 17th -$14.33 Groceries

Aug 18th NO SPEND DAY!!!

Aug 19th +$5.32 Returned part of a gift, -$12.11 Company Advertizing, -$5.75 More Company Advertizing

Aug 20th -$88.43 Dryer Parts

Aug 21st -$321.80 Church

Total: $1212.84 Income – $530.85 Expenses = +$681.99

Only spent $26 on groceries this week and $11.50 of that was potting soil!! 3.5 lb bags on clearance for only $.29 each – I bought 47 bags 😀

We were super excited about the cost of the company advertizing.  A few months ago I bought a $50 voucher from Vista Print for $10 – It was expiring on the 20th so we hurried and ordered magnets we wanted to get and a lawn sign for Rob to put up while he is working on someone’s house.  All for $22.11 ($10 voucher, taxes, and shipping) we saved $60.49!  The $5.75 was for Transfer Sheets to add the company name to his work shirts he bought 2 weeks ago.  Oh and I used a 40% off coupon to save almost $4 

Rob bought parts for the dryer’s to get them to stop squeaking.  In a few weeks will put one of them on the Craig’s list or something for $100. So we will get our money back.

How did you do this week? Please leave a comment – I love reading comments 🙂

Weekly Spending – Aug 8-14

Aug 8th -$36.99 Internet, -$67.00 Company Insurance

Aug 9th +$7.00 Haircut Income

Aug 10th -$13.00 Haircut, -$20.19 Gift for Mom (but I’m returning part of it), -$2.25 Books

Aug 11th -$14.66 Gasoline (for lawnmower), -$56.90 Gasoline, -$190.81 Company Tool

Aug 12th -$80.93 Groceries, – $23.19 Drycleaner (Dry cleaning sleeping bags is expensive!)  -$19.47 Life Insurance 

Aug 13th NO SPEND DAY!!

Aug 14th NO SPEND DAY!

Total: $7.00 Income – $525.39 Expenses = -$518.39

Weekly Spending: Aug 1-7

Aug 1st -$33.59 Groceries  +550.00 Rental Income

Aug 2nd -$28.00 Gasoline  -$7.33 Gas   -$45.06 Water/Garbage  -$26.57 Electricity

Aug 3rd -$42.18 Groceries   -$21.82 Gasoline  +$1093.49 Company Income

Aug 4th +$10.00 Mini Yard Sale

Aug 5th -$5.73 Groceries  -$33.30 Gasoline  +$275.00 Sold our Piano! 🙂

Aug 6th -$31.09 Clothes  +$76.65 Mini Yard Sale

Aug 7th NO SPEND DAY! It’s Sunday so not really a victory 😉

Total: $2005.14 Income – $274.67 Expenses = +$1730.47

I can’t believe I spent $81.50 on groceries this week! Ouch!!

Rob’s little sister got married on Saturday and Rob’s Sunday shirt was getting holes in it so he went to Wal-Mart and bought a new one along with 4 new work shirts.

My goal for my mini yard sale was $40, which I doubled 🙂  I sold a bunch of drug store items to my family that I didn’t need.  You’ll see this income regularly, since it’s a hobby of mine.  I buy things at drug stores for super cheap or free, keep what I need and put the rest in a box (or three) under baby #2’s crib.  Then I sale it to family and friends who don’t have time to hunt for the deals.

We are super excited that we sold our piano, we have been trying to get ride of it for six months!  She even paid us $25 more than we asked for because we delivered it 🙂