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Why do I feel I have been fighting everyone to keep my money this week?

On Monday I called a store to see if they would take back the couch slipcovers that won’t stay in place and snag on everything. No good, I’m stuck with a faulty product we paid $120 for!

On Wednesday I called our cell phone company about $10 in data charges we have been charged ($2-$4 a month).  They couldn’t tell me how to block it on only my phone (my daughter keeps pushing the bright blue button on my phone).  They returned $8, but if it happens again they won’t return any money.  If it happens again we are getting a data block, being able to send picture messages isn’t worth $24-$48 a year.

Then, on Friday, we received a letter from our insurance letting us know that our payment will go up $49 a month.  That’s $600 a year we don’t have room in our budget for.  So I’m checking other insurance companies or raising our deductible if possible.


Designing a Budget

Personal finance is, you know, personal so why use a budget that has categories you don’t need.  For example nobody in our family is in school so we don’t need to budget education expenses.  We do have a company to grow so I track out business expenses as part of our personal budget.  If I used someone elses budget sheet I would have to leave Education blank and write Company expenses at the bottom of every monthly budget form. 

If you need some ideas for designing a budget check out Cristian PF’s 10 Free Household Budget Spreadsheets.  I really like the Household Budget Template.  You can change the category names and it still works.  You record your expenses like a check register, then it adds the totals for each category. Super easy!

Even if you find none of the budget spreadsheets are right for you, you can great ideas for how you want your budget to look.  I made my own budget sheet and after a few months of tweaking it is the perfect budget for me.

 Where did you find your budget sheet? Or did you design your own too?  What do you like/dislike about your budget sheet?


Good Fortune

Back in December we went to a Chinese restaurant with Rob’s parents and my fortune cookie said this:

“A big fortune will descend upon you this year.”

I sure hope so 🙂

We Got a New Dryer

About a year ago we bought a dryer from a friend of a cousin who was moving and selling all there appliances.  It has always had this weird problem where it eats clothes.  Any silky or fancy fabric or draw stings gets caught in between the drum (that’s what it’s called, right?)and the door.  Very annoying!

A month ago it started squeaking loudly (like the dryer we had before it used to do), but now it’s super loud and even more annoying. 

I was driving to the post office today when a neighbor called and asked if we wanted her old dryer because she got a new one.  I said “yes!’  It sounded like she had mentioned it to Rob, but he must have been to distracted getting ready for the camping trip he’s on right now to tell me about it. 

So now we have a “new” dryer sitting in our backyard.  I am sooooo excited 🙂

Hopefully we can get another year out of it, okay actually hoping for more years, but we are on our 3rd dryer in the 3 years we have been in our house.