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Why do I feel I have been fighting everyone to keep my money this week?

On Monday I called a store to see if they would take back the couch slipcovers that won’t stay in place and snag on everything. No good, I’m stuck with a faulty product we paid $120 for!

On Wednesday I called our cell phone company about $10 in data charges we have been charged ($2-$4 a month).  They couldn’t tell me how to block it on only my phone (my daughter keeps pushing the bright blue button on my phone).  They returned $8, but if it happens again they won’t return any money.  If it happens again we are getting a data block, being able to send picture messages isn’t worth $24-$48 a year.

Then, on Friday, we received a letter from our insurance letting us know that our payment will go up $49 a month.  That’s $600 a year we don’t have room in our budget for.  So I’m checking other insurance companies or raising our deductible if possible.



We finally got an email back from our health insurance guy and sadly our reapplication was DENIED! 

Why? Because we have had more claims paid for than we paid in premiums.  I asked our rep if we could get the insurance’s records of premium paid vs. claims paid by insurance.  I would like to know if they are just counting this year (baby #2 had 2 days in NICU) or if they count the last three years that we have had private insurance, or if they also count the year and a half that we had company insurance (and baby #1).  I sure do miss the company insurance they considered pregnancy just another sickness and covered 90% after our deductible.  It’s got to be the long or the short time period they are looking at, because we have paid $10,000 over the last three years and I know we haven’t had that much in claims.

So we don’t get to save $100-$150 a month there, but we are looking at our phone bill….

Rob has gone on two campouts where he has been the only one without reception.  So we are planning on getting ride of AT&T and checking into Sprint or Verizon.  When he started his company we changed from 1000 minutes to 2100 minutes, but we think we have only been using 1400 minutes or less.  We are going to look at our phone bills when we get this next one and see if we lower our minutes again when we switch companies.  That could save us $20-$30 a month 🙂

Do you like Sprint or Verizon? What is your favorite cell phone company?

I Hate Health Insurance!!!

Okay not really, but seriously people, seriously do you have to up my payment by $69.94!!

As grateful that I am that you made the hospital adjust our baby’s two day NICU stay from $7000 to $1000 we can’t afford to pay you an extra $70 a month!!

Our new insurance guy suggested that we reapply for health insurance every two years, we took that a step farther and reapplied with a higher deductible too.  The amount we will save every year outweighs the higher deductible.

We sent the reapplication in last month, so hopefully we get a response this month.

Changes to the Budget

Insurance $518.00 -> $586.04
Repairs $150.00 -> $125.00
Gifts $77.00 -> $50.00

Other $50.00 -> $30.00