Monthly Archives: April 2012


Why do I feel I have been fighting everyone to keep my money this week?

On Monday I called a store to see if they would take back the couch slipcovers that won’t stay in place and snag on everything. No good, I’m stuck with a faulty product we paid $120 for!

On Wednesday I called our cell phone company about $10 in data charges we have been charged ($2-$4 a month).  They couldn’t tell me how to block it on only my phone (my daughter keeps pushing the bright blue button on my phone).  They returned $8, but if it happens again they won’t return any money.  If it happens again we are getting a data block, being able to send picture messages isn’t worth $24-$48 a year.

Then, on Friday, we received a letter from our insurance letting us know that our payment will go up $49 a month.  That’s $600 a year we don’t have room in our budget for.  So I’m checking other insurance companies or raising our deductible if possible.


Just Joined a Forum

I joined the SavingAdvice forum yesterday, My name is DebtFree&Broke.