Weekly Spending Aug 29-Sept 4

Aug 29th NO SPEND DAY!!

Aug 30th +$4484.92 Company Income  -$2.12 Gift   -$17.05 Garbage Can

Aug 31st -$29.39 Groceries

Sept 1st NO SPEND DAY!!

Sept 2nd +$550.00 Rental

Sept 3rd +$13.25 Sold Stuff, +22.50 Money for Gas, +$11.00 Haircuts, -$5.45 Groceries

Sept 4th -$710.95 Church


I bought a box of ABC cards for Baby #1 but found that they were just like cards we already had, so I am going to give them to my nephew for his birthday.

Last year our garbage can lid broke, so my mom bought me a new kitchen garbage for Christmas.  However I have never liked how the lid went in the garbage.  I have been leaving the lid off but Rob told me I couldn’t do that anymore.  I couldn’t just buy a lid so I bought a whole new garbage for our kitchen.  I love it because you push the button and the lid pops up.

Nobody answered my question last week — Should I put 10% or 80% of our extra income in savings?


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