Weekly Spending – Aug 22-28

I realized that I transferred $14.46 from our Other category to our Company category so I took that off of last weeks Spending post.  It was driving me crazy not to know what that money went to, we don’t use cash so I kept checking for it to come through our accounts online.  I was looking at our budget and saw $14.46 added to our Company category — oh!  I’ll have to remeber to write a T next to transfers so I don’t count them against me.

Aug 22nd -$17.12 Groceries

Aug 23rd -$10.89 Fast Food, -$8.62 Company Tool

Aug 24th -$125.41 Cell Phones, -$56.67 Groceries

Aug 25th NO SPEND DAY !!!

Aug 26th  +$15 Haircuts, +$34.75 Sold Stuff,  -$1000.00 Mortgage, -$17.85 Company Tool 

Aug 27th +$12 Haircut, +$20 Sold Stuff,  -$3.61 Ice Cream

Aug 28th NO SPEND DAY !!!

Total: $81.75 Income – $1240.17 Expenses = -$1158.42

Wow! I spent $88 on food this week 😦  I had a very busy Tuesday and didn’t feel like cooking so I asked Rob to take B1G1 coupons to Arctic Circle and get us dinner.  I told him that I thought it would be around $10 for the list I made, but if it was under he could get another hamburger.  It came to $10.89 so he ate half of Baby #1’s hamburger. 

How did you do this week?


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