Weekly Spending – Aug 15-21

Aug 15th +$1212.84 Company Income NO SPEND DAY!!

Aug 16th -$11.50 Groceries, -$28.97 Gasoline, -$42.64 Company Expense

Aug 17th -$14.33 Groceries

Aug 18th NO SPEND DAY!!!

Aug 19th +$5.32 Returned part of a gift, -$12.11 Company Advertizing, -$5.75 More Company Advertizing

Aug 20th -$88.43 Dryer Parts

Aug 21st -$321.80 Church

Total: $1212.84 Income – $530.85 Expenses = +$681.99

Only spent $26 on groceries this week and $11.50 of that was potting soil!! 3.5 lb bags on clearance for only $.29 each – I bought 47 bags 😀

We were super excited about the cost of the company advertizing.  A few months ago I bought a $50 voucher from Vista Print for $10 – It was expiring on the 20th so we hurried and ordered magnets we wanted to get and a lawn sign for Rob to put up while he is working on someone’s house.  All for $22.11 ($10 voucher, taxes, and shipping) we saved $60.49!  The $5.75 was for Transfer Sheets to add the company name to his work shirts he bought 2 weeks ago.  Oh and I used a 40% off coupon to save almost $4 

Rob bought parts for the dryer’s to get them to stop squeaking.  In a few weeks will put one of them on the Craig’s list or something for $100. So we will get our money back.

How did you do this week? Please leave a comment – I love reading comments 🙂


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