Weekly Spending: Aug 1-7

Aug 1st -$33.59 Groceries  +550.00 Rental Income

Aug 2nd -$28.00 Gasoline  -$7.33 Gas   -$45.06 Water/Garbage  -$26.57 Electricity

Aug 3rd -$42.18 Groceries   -$21.82 Gasoline  +$1093.49 Company Income

Aug 4th +$10.00 Mini Yard Sale

Aug 5th -$5.73 Groceries  -$33.30 Gasoline  +$275.00 Sold our Piano! 🙂

Aug 6th -$31.09 Clothes  +$76.65 Mini Yard Sale

Aug 7th NO SPEND DAY! It’s Sunday so not really a victory 😉

Total: $2005.14 Income – $274.67 Expenses = +$1730.47

I can’t believe I spent $81.50 on groceries this week! Ouch!!

Rob’s little sister got married on Saturday and Rob’s Sunday shirt was getting holes in it so he went to Wal-Mart and bought a new one along with 4 new work shirts.

My goal for my mini yard sale was $40, which I doubled 🙂  I sold a bunch of drug store items to my family that I didn’t need.  You’ll see this income regularly, since it’s a hobby of mine.  I buy things at drug stores for super cheap or free, keep what I need and put the rest in a box (or three) under baby #2’s crib.  Then I sale it to family and friends who don’t have time to hunt for the deals.

We are super excited that we sold our piano, we have been trying to get ride of it for six months!  She even paid us $25 more than we asked for because we delivered it 🙂


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