I Hate Health Insurance!!!

Okay not really, but seriously people, seriously do you have to up my payment by $69.94!!

As grateful that I am that you made the hospital adjust our baby’s two day NICU stay from $7000 to $1000 we can’t afford to pay you an extra $70 a month!!

Our new insurance guy suggested that we reapply for health insurance every two years, we took that a step farther and reapplied with a higher deductible too.  The amount we will save every year outweighs the higher deductible.

We sent the reapplication in last month, so hopefully we get a response this month.

Changes to the Budget

Insurance $518.00 -> $586.04
Repairs $150.00 -> $125.00
Gifts $77.00 -> $50.00

Other $50.00 -> $30.00



2 responses to “I Hate Health Insurance!!!

  • nicoleandmaggie

    Our health insurance costs just doubled for next year, and for less benefit. 😦

    • debtfreeandbroke

      Oh that stinks 😦 Maybe you should see about reapplying for your insurance too. Our insurance guy said that the insurance goes up every year to cover the people in your group (applied the same time as you) getting older/sicker, if you reapply you can get into a younger/healthier group with a lower premium.

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